Stepping out of fear and into courage!

There is an incredible amount of fear in the world today.  Political stories on the television news, personal tragedy on Facebook, cover stories on the magazines at the grocery stores...

Fear stops us from making decisions, taking a next right step, from believing we can accomplish our goal. The welling of fear translates to "I can't", "I'm not enough", "This is too much".  Unless...

Unless we make a decision to channel our fear into positive energy.

Because what's the alternative?  Continuing to let our fear hold us back?! 

Right now in our home there are any number of life situations threatening, and in some cases succeeding, at cultivating fear.  Choosing a college, potential employment change, taking on new roles and unfamiliar territory, all opportunities for fear to paralyze rather than transform into forward motion.

I have decided fear of the unknown has held me back long enough. The decision to step out of my comfort zone means I am doing some things I wouldn't have entertained even a year ago.  For example, I am signed up for a seminar on...of all things...PUBLIC SPEAKING!

Yes, if you know me you know this has been a thorn in my side for a long time.  But, now that I have found my passion, it's time to be prepared to speak up (and out, and loud) for what I believe in.

I know my actions will inspire others under my roof to do the same when the time to step over fear comes their way.

Everyday, in so many ways, we are reminded of the brevity of life.  So tell me, what worry is holding you back?  

What would it mean to your life if you decided to take that fear and redirect it into positive energy? 

This post is your reminder to do just that.

Because there are bigger things at work here than you and I.