It's out with the old, and in with the new!

The other day I went to the Super Target to pick up my new eye glasses.  I am about to turn forty-eight, and so are my eyes.  They, like the rest of me, need occasional help to do their job as well as they did twenty years ago.  These glasses give me clearer vision and perspective, which is helpful as I focus in a new direction.

I have spent the past five years writing about my life.  It started with a book about some significant challenges I faced in becoming an adult and about being a mother to five, the oldest of whom battled addiction. The book led to this website and my continued sharing about my life.  By writing about the trials and triumphs I experienced with marriage, parenting, and my own personal growth and spirituality, I have learned a great deal about who I am, and who I desire to continue to be as I navigate the rest of my life's journey.

Along this road, I also returned to college and finished my Bachelors in Psychology, I began a career path in adolescent addiction treatment, I have written about parenting on sites such as The Huffington Post, Ten to Twenty Parenting, A Fine Parent, and Suburban Parent Magazine.  I have also been writing a column for our local newspaper.  And earlier this year I was instrumental in bringing a favorite parenting author to Dallas to speak about conscious parenting.  All of these steps have allowed me to see where my passion and purpose lies.

This may not come as a surprise to you, but throughout these various steps I have discovered my passion is in helping parents work towards creating deeper, healthier connections with their kids.

Because everything starts at home.  And if we hope to change the path of dysfunction we are on, it will be through our most intimate relationships first.

To that end, I have spent the last several months studying to become a certified parent guide.

Because I know parenting is the greatest challenge one can travel during our lifetime, and I don't think there is nearly enough support and encouragement for the endeavor.  My goal as a guide is to help parents discover (a) where the changes are necessary in their parent/child relationships, and (b) to examine and execute a willingness to look within themselves to create the change to strengthen relationships in the home

I am not going into business for myself because I believe I am a parent who is perfect, or who never makes mistakes.  Quite the opposite, I am going into the business of parent coaching because I have made many mistakes along the way, and I have learned a great deal about my role as mom.  Parenting consciously is a practice I take seriously, everyday.  I have seen my relationships with my kids and my husband flourish because I have worked on myself and on the relationships closest to me.

This site will take on a different look in the coming weeks.  It will go from a place where I exclusively write about my personal journey, to a place where moms and dads, who are looking to work on the most precious ties in their lives, will learn more about parent coaching, about me, and about the program they can work through with me to bring harmony back to their family life.

My focus will be with parents of preteens to young adults.  Because I am in the thick of that age group myself, so I have a special connection to the ups and downs of parenting this population.

Real Life Mom is going to become (hint, hint....look up at the web address...)

Real Life Parent Guide!

Will I still write, yes!  Because writing (for me) is like prayer.  I don't think I could ever stop writing.  But it will become a "tab", not the home page.

I hope you will remain on this journey with me, even if I am not writing as often as I used to, my focus now will be on educating parents about this field and working one-on-one with those who choose to embrace it!

One more song for the road...I think this one says a lot, not only about my journey thus far, but about each one of us having the same opportunity to live life well!