How to design a life you love!

Below is a snapshot of a day in the life I am designing to love...

My mom and I jumped into my Kia Soul and headed five hours south to Boerne (pronounced Bernie), Texas, a super cute little town where my favorite parenting guru Dr. Shefali Tsabary would be speaking about conscious parenting.

Yes, you might say I'm a groupie.  Or a some of us call ourselves.

This little adventure was a first for my mom and I, and of course the car ride gave us lots of time to talk (or, as we often joke, "to solve all of the problems of the world").  

Because of the nature of our trip, we spent much of the drive discussing parenting.  Specifically the way she and my dad were parented, the way they raised my brothers and I, and the way Tom and I have been rearing our kids.

In preparation for the speaking engagement, my mom had taken the time to read Dr. Shefali's book,  The Conscious Parent, which has a dramatically different message than the Dr. Spock guidance my mom had on hand while raising my brothers and I. Mom remarked more than once during our day-long marathon, "When we were raising you and your brothers, we didn't have the amount of information, or the kind of information on parenting that you have access to.  We didn't question, we just did what we absorbed during our own upbringing."

I think my mom and I agree the biggest difference between the way she parented me, and the way I am practicing motherhood now is this...the parent was the authority figure, the one who knew best (even if they were stumped on how to handle kids at times), moms and dads weren't to be questioned.  I admit, I started my parenting journey back in '87 with the same attitude (for example, heavily relying on my mom's advice as to how and when to potty train...until I gave up, because my mom told me age two was when to start, and Nick was clearly showing me three was a better time to begin the process).

Over the years, and through many parenting hurdles I began to realize the best parenting is about creating a good relationship and an environment where I guide my child, while listening to his or her cues, to be able to express who THEY are, rather than who I might need them to be.  Parenting WITH not at, or over, my children.

In part, I found this approach means creating a life whose pace allows me to maintain a low level of anxiety so I can really be with my kids when I'm with my kids.  Get it?  I'm working on my own junk from the past and present, in order to steer clear of dumping the baggage on my children.

It is easy?  No.  Have I found this practice to be worthwhile?  YES!

Another reason I wanted to go see Dr. Shefali speak in Boerne, beside my desire to have some great time to connect with my mom during the trip, was to personally meet a fellow blogger/mom who is publicly working on conscious parenting as well.  Her name is Adrianne and her blog is Cafe Communion.  (Take a peek, if you like my writing I know you will enjoy hers as well).

The final, yet maybe most important, reason for our trek south was to prepare myself for the undertaking of co-hosting Dr. Shefali in the Metroplex (specifically, the Omni Park West Hotel - Dallas) in May of this year!  

Over the past several months, I have connected with some women in my area who are just as dedicated to shifting the parenting paradigm, and to Dr. Shefali's message, as I am.  Together we are bringing our shared talents and strengths to manifest a ballroom full of parents, educators, and mental health professionals who are ready to entertain her message.

I know this event will be an eye-opening experience for anyone who decides to expose their mind to a different way of parenting than what we've been taught.  And Dr. Shefali's message will apply to all parents, no matter what the age of their child.  

If you, or someone you know, lives in the DFW area and are curious about how you can build better/healthier/less stressed relationships between yourself and your kids, you will not want to miss this event!

Click here to buy your ticket!

The life I am designing to love revolves around the most important job I have been given in this lifetime...raising five unique spirits into who THEY are meant to be.  All the while growing myself into the the woman God is calling me to be!